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A baseball loving, wife + mother of three, who’s passion is helping others tell their story through branding, web design + videography.

// All while enjoying a spoonful of peanut butter with the Cubs on in the background, + my boxer Shiva snoring close by.

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 After years of experience working for others and running my businesses as a side-hustle, I left the corporate world in the summer of 2018 with wild goals + launched Salted Designs. My dream of raising my children with the love of my life, while fueling my passion for design, marketing, and helping others came true.

Salted Designs is a full-service brand + web design studio that helps it’s clients will spice things up, tell their story, + connect with their ideal clients.

I listen to your story, get to know your business and create a beautifully crafted brand that both reflects your personal style and serves as an effective marketing tool for years to come. I take on a very limited number of new clients per year to ensure that each project receives the time and attention it deserves. My business model focuses on excellent client service and personalized creative branding strategies – quality over quantity, always. You work directly with me as we design the perfect brand for your business.



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1 // love of the game

Baseball isn’t just something that is on TV from April - October in our home. It’s a way of life. I am obsessed with the Chicago Cubs + all things baseball. My husband and I even had a baseball themed wedding (which was featured on Style Me Pretty!!!) in 2016. Let’s play two!!

2 // salty story

The idea for my business name actually came from my maiden name SALTER. I came up with it my Junior year of high school + it has stuck ever since. It also has a double meaning, which I love!

3 // a nutty aFFAIR

I can’t go a day without eating peanut butter. I even have my own jar, and a spare.

4 // doggy-dog world

I know the saying is “dog eat dog world”, but I like Gloria from Modern Family’s take on it better! It’s a Doggy-Dog World! I love my boxer Shiva. She would be my spirit animal if I had one. Tons of energy, getting a little to excited around new people, need exercise daily, + if I am quiet…. I’m up to something.

5 // i’m a greater fool

If you’ve not heard of this term, I encourage you to watch this clip from one of my top five favorite shows… The Newsroom. I am one + proud of it. [clip]